Training with advanced exercises

Reformers are state-of-the-art machines that allow the execution of a wider range of exercises, always guaranteeing safety. However, not everyone can have a Reformer at home, for this reason we will adapt reformer's exercises to the Mat in the course.

Advanced Pilates Matwork Workout inspired by the Reformer

Pilates Matwork

Training inspired by the Reformer

In this matwork training we will do some exercises that are usually done on the Reformer. Not everyone can have a reformer and this workout aims to train the body with gravity, along the line of thought of Joseph Pilates.

  • Advanced level
  • Duration: 35 min
  • English language

Claudia Fink is currently one of the best international Pilates trainers: athletes and sportsmen from all over the world turn to her to perfect and recover their performances.


Pilates is a method invented by Joseph Pilates that emphasizes mind-body control through a precise sense of control.


Joseph Pilates had six basic principles for performing the exercises correctly and thus reaping the benefits.

Modern approach

In the modern approach, general principles are applied and a lot of attention is paid to the neutral curves of the column.

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  Pilates Matwork
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