Essential Matwork (EN)

Pilates Matwork exercises explained by Claudia Fink, for a safe and effective workout (Online Pilates Lessons in English)


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Pilates Essential Matwork

Build strength and awareness - Fundamentals of Pilates Matwork

Matwork is the foundation that helps build strength and awareness on a solid and secure foundation like the floor. In this Video Lesson, Claudia Fink illustrates the exercises of the Pilates Matwork repertoire in a clear and detailed way, for a safe and effective training, also integrating the explanation of the changes necessary to make the training accessible to all.

This workout draws on principles of alignment and biomechanics that can be used in Pilates and other disciplines as well.
  • Basic level
  • Duration: 58 min
  • Italian language
Claudia Fink is currently one of the best international Pilates trainers: athletes and sportsmen from all over the world turn to her to perfect and recover their performances.

Course Excerpt

Claudia Fink- istruttrice professionista di Pilates A

Claudia Fink
Claudia Fink

Laureata in Osteopatia, insegna Anatomia e Biomeccanica del Movimento, ed è specializzata nella riabilitazione delle patologie prevalentemente femminili. Il suo incontro con il Pilates è avvenuto negli anni 90 dopo vari infortuni atletici, ed avendo fatto parte del team didattico della casa madre a Toronto, è stata ambasciatrice del metodo nel mondo.

Atleta, Personal Trainer, Osteopata, Master Instructor Trainer STOTT PILATES (STOTTPILATES®, STOTT PILATES REHAB®, ZEN*GA® TOTAL BARRE® CORE®) Master Instructor Trainer PINK RIBBON PROGRAM®, Master Instructor PILATES per LA SCLEROSI MULTIPLA®, Master Instructor per il BODY STRATEG-EX®.